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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  August 19, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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. >> lightning. streaks. shake up the sky as thunder rumble the night. unsettled weather heather the bay area. good evening. we begin tonight with this weather system that is moving through the bay area. it has fire officials on high
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alert worried about wild fierc fierce. sandy on what make the weather system so dangerous. >> initially dry lightning associated with the thunderstorms. that's what is so concerning along with the dry winter we have had. let me show you live doppler 7hd talk about the sequence storm developing offshore all afternoon long and now we are actually seeing the light new england streak in the last hour or 2 developing over land. here are the strike right around half machine bay and thunderstorms being reported on twitter and nation book. you can see the number of strike. 63 just in the last half hour. national weather service has just issued a marin warning until 10:30 tonight so be awhich are of that. as i take you in a little bit closer here i show you other areas we are starting to see some development here as we go in tighter. right around highway 280 at cupertino. prune ridge avenue you can see some cell developing here at stevens correct and also looking toward this cell right around the
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honda area. we have a red flag warning in effect until 11:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. santa cruz mountains east bay hill interior cell and north bay mountain interior valley until 5:00 p.m. wednesday. i'll be back with a detailed look at the forecast to let you know when the thunderstorm threat will actually end. >> excellent thanks very much. lightning strike like this near the lake knocked out power to thus in kern county and sparked several brush fires. one of them now 500 acres. cal fire list 9 major active fires burning across the state. and one most concerned about is in butte county. fear crew report they have made progress in the battle against the fire in butte county. it has burned 2000 acres since it broke out on friday. one home. is destroyed. evacuation orders remain in effect for residents of hundreds of other homes. at this point the fire is 45 percent contained. >> officials confirm today that they will not press charges
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against the driver of limousine that went up in flames on the san mateo bridge in may. chp investigation found mechanical problem was to blame for the fire that killed 5 women. vick low was the first to bring you those details and series of exclusive reports. he's here now with the latest information. >> stretch limousine burst into flames on the san mateo bridge on the night of may fourth. killed 5 women. 4 others survived. >> we have concluded the fire was accidental in nature. >> some tragedy are crimes. some are not. this one is not. hence there will not be any criminal charges. >> primary catalyst of the tragedy was the catastrophic failure of the rear suspension system which allowed the vehicle drive shaft to ultimately come in contact with the floor pan >> critical component of the system are air shock. sources limo mechanic we spoke to say it's likely the air suspension system failed
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because the air shock ruptured. but investigators say they can not definitively point to. that because the air shock were december stroi stroyd in the fire. chp also want to the see if anyone was criminally neglect. they focus on the driver or brown and owner of the limousine company. abc 7 news reported friday that at the than of july the chp concluded there was no evidence to press criminal charges against the 2 men. but then brown estranged wife told reporters the 2 argued on cell phone shortly before the fire as he was driving. >> if the driver had been on the phone at the time and after some fashion determine led to what occurred here then a basis for potential criminal charges. >> investigators today confirmed what we reported friday. that they cleared brown of any wrongdoing. >> upon review of cell phone records chp and district attorney investigators determine mr. brown was not on
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his phone at the time of the tragedy. >> chp investigation also went through 6 years of the limo maintenance records and found no irregularity. in fact, the rate suspension system was replaced i just a couple of years ago. state p uc says it will faint the limo owner 7500 dollars for vital the occupant permit. >> general citation will be issued for failure to operate safely in having 2 more passengers in the compartment than seat belts. >> investigators say they will never know if the two extra passengers contributed to the failure of the rear suspension system. vehicle lee, abc 7 news. >> dramatic 911 call made medley after the fire spread showed paining understandably as victims tried to escape. it was horrifying to witness. we are not hearing parts of the recordings because they would certainly be upsetting to the victim family and we don't want to do. that here are edited portions of 3 calls from
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survivor. highway patrol officer and limousine driver himself that helped pinto a picture of what happened that night. listen. >> get out get out get out get out. >> i have a car fire. limousine fully engulfed. doors locked i can't get inside the car. >> neglect else for me to do. >> no. i don't think there's anything we can do. the rear of the limo is fully engulfed. >> sir. >> yes. >> i have the fire department on the way. tell me how many people are in the vehicle e.i don't know ma'am i don't know i don't know. >> okay. i understand you don't necessity that's okay. we have people on the way. they are right before the high-rise on the bridge correc correct. >> yes. >> panic anguish that night. limo driver brown is certainly re$11 he won't face any criminal charges. brown has had to endure most of public scrutiny about his action that is night. investigators made
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it clear today in examination of phone records show that brown would not on the phone just before the accident as his owes estranged wife klaichltd he says he too is suffering as a result of this deadly fire and wants the victim family to know how badly that he feels. >> i'm hurtinging just like they are and i'm so sorry that this they think happened l. sfchl is a situation. >> brown and family had series of concerts at san francisco castro theater and donate the proceeds to the family of the victims. >> legendary actor dick van dyke saved from potential fiery death. jaguar caught fire and after he was pulled from the wreckage of his car it exploded in southern california. van dyke rescued by a good samaritan. tl we have the
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story here. >> dick van dyke show. he's 87-year-old icon he can hollywood star. known for his famous role in mary pop instanap instant. -- pop opinions. but dick drama on california highway 101 looks more like a scene out of an action movie. his car catching fire. the engine exploding. leaving behind the charred mess but van dyke alive and well. joking about the off duty firefighters who pulled him out of the car. >> passed out so they yachinged me out of the car. i was trying to call the dmv. fichlt it was very exciting. >> he was on the which to the dentist and he gnaw something was wrong. >> just started making a noise. i thought filth smoke then burned to a crispism his wife arlene posting video of the scene on the social network vine along with the tweet. he's fine. thank god. tonight
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van dyke thank the 3 hero who he says just happened to be on the highway before the fire. >> fireman and nurse and cop just happened to be passing by. >> wow! somebody is lacking after me. >> tl adoring fans will remember that famous scene in until movie where his car took flight. but tonight van dyke cracked a joke about his real life car with playful message. >> i have a niece used car for sale. >>reporter: abc news new york. >> 44-year-old son of vice president bind is being evaluate entered texas after being hospitalized last week after feeling disoriented on vacation. he's the attorney general in delaware and suffered a mild stroke in 2010. vice president is with his son tonight. >> large black swath of land shows the crash site of b 1 b bomber in south east montana
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a-2 pilots and 2 officers ejected. they are hospitalized but expected to be okay. before the air force base her in south dakota a.that aircraft cost 300 million dollars. >> breaking news in southern california. these leif pictures show you the scene after fiery crash involving a big rig and 4 cars explosion were heard at least one person is dead. several injuries as we pan back from the live helicopter view. back up on the highway on interstate 10 in pa money a prompt authorities to close liens on that freeway. again this is a terrible crash involving a big rig and 4 cars. there were explosions and fire at least one person dead in southern california. sadly. >> there is much more ahead tonight coming up. identified arrested and charged. 4 people shot now oakland police say they have their man. endangered whale washes ashore
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in marine. scientist already learning about it. >> and former vice president al gore visits lake tahoe. environmental plan that he says could be a model for the nation. >> you will see the first official im am of britain new ♪
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>> tragic murder-suicide in oakland involving a family battling serious health problems. neighbors say 88-year-old william roberts undergoing cancer treatment and was the primary care give to his 57-year-old quadriplegic daughter marian. police say robert shot his daughter and then himself. another family member discovered their bodies this morning and then called police. >> oakland police credit witnesses coming forward for the arrest of man that they say shot 4 people saturday afternoon. happened on telegraph avenue. miss say the gunman stole some stuff from car belonging to the hair stylist. witness chased him back down and got the items back. police say the man identified as ward then went back to the hair salon with a gun and started firing. >> last night our patrol officers were able to identify and arrest ward for this crime and this afternoon district attorney office charged him
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with that crime. >> all 4 shooting victims 2 men and 2 women are expected to be okay. >> federal court says that state authorities can begin force feeingd inmates on hunger strichblingt 129 prisoners are currently revving most meal. 69 began the hunger strike seven weeks ago. it's a protest against solitary confine in the meantime state prisons. court appointed observer says none appear to be at risk of dying in hunger. they are eating one partial meal but prison doctors want the authority to step in if that changes. now they haven't. prison officials say gang leaders are intimidating some inmates into taking part in this hunger strike. >> annual celebration of lake tahoe came with an under current of debate about its future. that was the scene today as state regional leaders convene l tahoe summit. at issue an agreement on tahoe oversight some environmentalist
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say amounts to sell out. reporter john myers has details from the nevada side of the lake. >> al gore took a plunge into the environmental stewardship of lake tahoe 16 years after he and then president clinton hell the first of the water side sum tonight 2007. >> shoreline would become heavily urbanize. >>reporter: still a political chill of sorts this year over this lake future or whether could some day be built on the shores. >> lots of pavement. lots of big buildings. and that's the future. that doesn't protect the lake. >>reporter: that's the sierra club criticism of the deal between governor brown and nevada governor sandoval. deal is renewal of the decade long tahoe region until governing plan but with changes that require economic need now taken into account when it comes to the lake future. every lawmaker on hand for this tahoe summit says it's a good compromise. sierra club says it's a disaster. >> going to be absolutely perfect means you don't get anything done.
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>>reporter: governor dismiss critic and chances at stopping the new tahoe plan. both through lawsuit and if this contract. >> this has been a good process. i think what we get is better than what we have so we are moving forward. >> lessp 1 month left in the legislative session and in sacramento the governor believes he cap get the bill moving forward. it could throw a monkey wrench in the california nevada relationship over the future of this alpine lake. here at lake tahoe, abc 7 news. >> beautiful day across the bay area but the tonight has brought some light anything strike. good number of them. sandhya is in for spencer tracking them on live doppler 7hd. >> it is becoming active as night goes on. show you live doppler 7 hd. right to it and where we see the strike right around the san mateo county coast line. half moon bay. people reporting thunderstorms there around monterra and you can see take you in a little
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bit closer here. around the strike shower all righted on twitter by some of our viewers out towards the season veil area and it is verifying here on live doppler 7 hd. south mary avenue we are watching the showers around mount view. sunnyvale and as i pull out here you see hundreds of light new england strike moving west ward from the bay year. my concern right now advertise this area here right around the san joaquin valley. this is area i think is heading toward the bay area so this is the area of concern we'll be watching that eastern part of the viewing area. seeing the thunderstorms first so watch out from our sutro tower cam are you can seat fog there. it is definitely with us not disrupting the fog layer exploratorium 60 rate now. 59 in oakland. still very mild from the peninsula down to the south bay. in the 70's. 59 in half machine basement view from the kg o camera. quiet here. temperatures 62 in santa rosa.
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it's in the 60's for novato. nap a.warm still. concord livermore 77 degrees in east bay hills camp are it's oscillating up with lightning streak but you can see the fog down below. here's a look at the fork. chance of thunder right on through wednesday. red flag warning remains up for parts of the bay area and it is going to be a little bit cooler the next 2 days. here's what is bringing up all the mop soon moisture and the thunderstorms that we are seeing. area of low pressure here and it will at any to pull up that moisture towards the bay area. that's why we see the waves of instability continuing through the night that the morning hours. morning commute will feature some thunderstorms activity. the low will lift northward sought activist going to start to shift northward. dryer air spreads in by wednesday evening. but until then unstable situation tomorrow morning give yourself plenty of time to get off to wo school. we are looking at isolated thunderstorms here in the bay
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area. temperatures will be mild though. mid 50's to the upper 60's and tomorrow afternoon. those numbers will fall. so not quite the 104 this livermore saw's up to 90 degrees tomorrow. 88 fair feechltd triple digit today. 70 san francisco partly cloudy mostly clear lake 95 santa rose 78. looking at year in san jose. 66 half moon bay. partly cloudy skies. still possibility of isolated thunderstorms going that your tuesday and the threat will lemain with us wednesday morning before things start to quiet down. we go back to our stable summer pattern with low 90'snland. slightly cooler for the weekend 80's but still until then, fir danger is up. dry lightning could start some more fires. >> by no means out of the wood september october is very dangerous. >> especially the dangerous time of year when we get that far into summer. dryer dryer fuel and lack of winter rain oil. >> thank you very much.
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>> new span of the bay bridge reaches another milestone. what crew did to it to make it ready for all of to us drive on it in just two week time. >> young man survives getting >> young man survives getting hit by a train going more than
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>> can't get a break vl another america's cup race cancelled today. too much wind. it will be rescheduled. first race took place this morning as planned. team new zealand defeated italian team. the italian started competition strong but were forced to withdraw late in the race after breaking control arm on the wing. >> endangered fin whale washed ashore on the beach this
9:25 pm
morning. second in size to massive cousin blue whale enormous creature as you know. stranded whale immediately attract add lot of attention but as wayne explains, it was too late for a rescue effort. >> world famous beach not far where sir francis drake supposedly fears landed but that is not what drew the crowd and the crowd watchers here today. >> people are curious about it. they want to get a look at it. >>reporter: final act of nature in this the most public of places. >> saw a bunch of people then the first thing my mom said was there's a whale. >> 42 foot long endangered species whale washed ashore clearly in distress. >> still alive at 7:00 o'clock when i got here. it died about quarter to continue. one last push to try to get offshore. >> after the whale died attempts to hall it 30 ton carcass out of the water faichltd even less an year old it was just too heavy. by then the rescue operation had barack obama one of disposal.
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>> back out on the water wash up and somebody else problemism when the tide went out researchers from marin county marin mammal center opened up the whale for a test. dr. dr. johnson looked at everything heart lung thorax. stomach. >> human related we want to found that reason. if it's disease we want to better understand what is affecting these population of the >> along the pacific coast only 3200 finance whale remain. big creature on narrow margin and now there's one fewer than yesterday. still a mystery on otherwise perfect summer day at the beach. >> we were hoping to see a happy send off. >> instead this wake and waves stinson beach 7 news. >> too bad. obviously coming up next even the airline calls it exceptional circumstances. >> i had never experienced anything like that. >> strandeded left overnight to
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fend for themselves. travel disaster that turned a bath room into a bedroom. >> trial of accused serial killer acting as his own attorney goes to the jury. but not before another unexpected detour in bay area courtroom. >> san jose state 200 million >> san jose state 200 million reasons to celebra
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>> back to some breaking news happening in southern california. this is some tape we got in just a few minutes ago and the spark you see are authorities working on big rig truck that crashed hit the center divide and they are trying to move that out of the way. on interstate 10 in pomona at 8:15. hour and 15
9:31 pm
minutes ago. basically the truck hit the center divider. several other cars were involved at least one person has been killed. now these are live pictures of the traffic back up on each 10 pomona terrific as you can imagine. backed up badly because of this vl because authorities had to shut down a good portion of the freeway. but again one person killed. 10 others injured. 4 of them critically sad to say. this is ongoing in southern california in the pomona area writ now. stay on top of it. follow us on twitter at 7 news bay area any time you wish. we also want to get to bricking news overseas. dmourt pakistan indicted former president musharref refuse in the assassination of former prime minister she was killed in 2007. prosecutors say musharraf is charged with murder and conspiracy to commit murder and say he was president at the time failed to properly protect her. >> well her at home the jury in marin couldn't serial killer
9:32 pm
case began deliberation this afternoon. defendant 79-year-old joe acted as own attorney and fen he shall closing argument. he then had a letter slipped to abc 7 news reporter dan in court and it was an attempt to draw attention to other suspects. >> with the life on the line in the death penalty case joe pushed the limit in the closing argument. trying to introduce new evidence he said the prosecution can not proof i am cable of lifting over 30 pounds due to bad back. he wouldn't have been capable of killing the 4 northern california women if the late 70's and early 90's and dumping their bodies. finished by saying i ask you now to find me not guilty on all counts. his rambling klotion argument that took a day and a half did not seem to sway courtroom observers. >> just repetitive. didn't really say anything. i don't believe he sold his case or his
9:33 pm
side of it. >> i think a couple things he hasn't adequately smraichbility the list. he never really explained that list. and he's not adequately explained the dna. >>reporter: during rae bullets prosecution hone in on the list found in search of the reno home. investigators labeled a dump list of where he plays the the body. the dna found on 2 of the victims. deputy da of flow characterizes photo of the victim and obituary he kept in a safe deposit box as trophy. also today joe had a sealed letter hand delivered to us discussing other suspect in the death of the woman in marin county january 1977. >> mr. rochelle known to force prostitutes in the trunk of his car. tie with pant hose. >> letter should have no effect on the case. jury members are not to view any media reports or discuss the case outside of 30 rigs. the closing argument were delayed for most of the
9:34 pm
morning because of the brother here. >> this is my sister murdered 38 years ago. and i'm not going to let it drop. i'll go after this man until he's done. >> larry parked his car near the courtroom entrance and wrote on it joe was being charged for the m you are democrats and republicans of my sister. he asked for men to help him stay in san rafael until the trial is complete. erased concern that the jurors may have seen the truck. >> judge says that he would rather you not do this because you may have an impact on the jury and jury ought to be deciding a kiss on the evidence. >> no disrespect to the june but i feel in there's no impact to the jury at all. >> judge agreed ruling that no jurors should be dismissed. he fond only one of them saw the truck today but didn't bother to read the writing. case now in the hand of the jury. for the i team, dan noyes abc 7 news. >> san jose state university celebrating tonight. ask has raised more than 200 million dollars from private donor in the first mainly fund resisting campaign. goal it hit a year earlier than scheduled. more
9:35 pm
public colleges trying to fill gap caused by cuts if state funding too. in may san diego state announced it raised more than 400 million in its first campaign of its kind. uc davis in the middle of 1 billion dollar fundraiser. uc berkeley latest effort had 3 billion dollar goal and expected to conclude this year. remarkable amounts of money being raised. >> the support system that will alower the new bay bridge to open to traffic on september 3rd is now in place. crew successfully installed these new shim over the weekend. steel plate may not look like much but engineers say they are what is making even cold front tent that the new bay pwrem is safe enough to open in 15 dais daisy. hears transportation reporter heather with the latest on the prison he can. >> shim are in except for the small stuff like lane striping and big stuff electric connecting the island. new bridge is ready. but are you? >> helpfully stays up. faster
9:36 pm
commute. better view. >>reporter: before that better view a final 5 day full brim closure will likely mean some congestion on the alternate roulingts like the san mateo bridge to the south. >> we normally go over san francisco bridge every morning. but new that closure and stuff we have to go around. >>reporter: do you have any idea time it adds. >> at least another hour to our commute. >>reporter: choke point over the 2007, 2,000 then full closure either end of the san m te'o brim corridor at 8 8 92 and one 0nun 92 enter hng and 19 avenue clogged with people using the golden gate bridge. if you must use an alternate bridge here's the expert advice. >> if you are not already a fast track customer f walgreens costco or safeway peculiar autopsy fast track. open up the account. activate on lean. >> over the 2007 closure 25 to
9:37 pm
30,000 tennessee football fans descended on the bay area forever game against the cal bears. cal-trans warned tennessee well in advance this year northwestern transportation planners just called to warn that athletic program today. >> it's a big time point from big time conference but i'm not certain that the northwestern fans will travel in the numbers that tennessee volunteer fans did some years ago. >> the closure headache should be worth it in the end but not everyone is so sure. >> hopefully won't be one of the first cars but i'll be across it. >> didn't want to be one of the first. >> no. i'll let somebody else take the chance. >> cal-trans insist the if you brim is now safer than the old. this is abc 7 news. >> that guy would like to see proof. we are now 15 days from the opening of new bay bridge. closure of the bridge will start late in the evening on wednesday august the 28th. it will last for up to 5 full days
9:38 pm
over the long labor day holida holiday. bridge will reopen by tuesday september 3rd the day after labor day. ac transit offering extra bus service to some east bay bart stations to help people get a train to go across the bay or under the bay i should say during the bridge shut down. bart will be operating trains around the clock during the closure and the ferry expanding its schedule. down load our exclusive ways traffic app to get you around the grid lock. follow us open twitter at this site. get the updates when they come in. almost like reaching out from the grave. just ahead. new twist in the kidnapping of san diego county teenager. >> big eruption that covered a city in ashúo
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>> clean up worker swipe mounds of ash in southern japanese city after volcano eruption. volcano sent a plume of smoke that the air over the weekend. this was the volcano 500 eruption so far this year. and it spread ash over a wide area. city was shroud entered ash cloud causing poor visibility at times. also white out conditions in some spots at some moments. residents use mask and umbrella to try to protect themselves from the as ash. >> james dimaggio life insurance policy and leaves 11 112,000 dollars to the grandmother of hahn a anderson. fbi killed dimaggio in shot out after he kidnapped the 16-year-old girl and abducted mother brother. hanna still recovering from her ordeal. >> 22-year-old man suffered several broken bones but is alive amazingly and expected to recover after getting hit by a train going 110 miles an hour.
9:43 pm
happened in michigan city indian a.darrell c was running along the shore lane when the train just bore down on him. conductor ordered the train horn slammed on the brake and then hit it straight on. >> definitely call ate miracle. i couldn't believe it when they told us he was live and talking. >> the grandmother was hit and thrown 20 feet. one of the shoe came off and landed 150 feet away. there it is. he doesn't remember a thing. police say he was listening to music with his head phones on but he will be okay. >> now to travel night a mayor for hundreds office passengers finally home this morning. after the flight from london to new york was forced to make emergency landing in remote corner of canada. david curly on how stranded all nature long. >> for these more than 250 passengers an 8 hour flight became a 27 hour nightmare.
9:44 pm
>> thankful to be in new york. >> it was saturday afternoon that the flight took off from london heathrow airport to arrive at jfk before mid nature on saturday. >> i need to know the nature of the emergency. we have a fuel leak. >>reporter: so an emergency landing in newfoundland safe but passengers stuck. broken plane and no hotel. forced to sleep on chars. benches. anywhere. >> people were slipping on the flar of the bathroom. on the counter in the bathroom. all over the floor in the airport. >>reporter: hours passed. from us stated passengers took e patience wore out 12 hours ago. police get your story straigh straight. been signature on floor for hours now and plane hasn't left london.where are our hotel rooms. up acceptabl acceptable. visual intweeted too unfortunately hotel respectful. >> air lane is offing a round trip ticket to passengers and
9:45 pm
added in a statement an apology for any inconvenience caused. david curlly abc news washington. >> a lot of inconvenience sounds lick. >> if a is to face. 2 animal find unlikely friendship. great stor
9:46 pm
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had backup power? the chevrolet volt does. it's ingeniously designed to seamlessly switch from electricity to gas to extend your driving range. no wonder volt is america's best-selling plug-in. that's american ingenuity to find new roads. right now, get a 2013 chevrolet volt for around $269 per month. >> let's go back up date the weather forecast as we have been talking about. there are some lightning strike around the bay area. sandhya is keeping an eye on it for us tonight. >> yes it's a busy night. you look at live doppler 7hd look at the trail of lightning strike off the coast. obviously some of this making it overland getting a lot of post on twitter and facebook about some showers on the peninsula and definitely verifying here as we look towards stanford. l sarah
9:49 pm
boulevard alpine road some showers around sand hill road and some of the lightning strike we have been seeing over the san mateo county coast out over the ocean but look what is coming out here. this is an area of concern. i'm watching it carefully as it is moving from east moving west ward so watch out if you live in the east bay. the south bay. you will likely see it first. overnight tonight isolated thunderstorm possibility remains in the forecast with the showers tomorrow afternoon cooler day 67 coast side. 90's inland and once again overnight tonight things to be concerned about thunderstorms showers and of course the possibility of hail associated with the thunderstorm fog in the morning as well. those are the things that will slow you down for the morning commute. a little cooler wednesday as well then dry out wairment up a few degrees. we head into the end of the work week. >> what's this about. hail lightning. it's august. >> it's summertime. unusual but we do get it from time to time. >> i don't like it. >> sorry. >> thanks very much.
9:50 pm
>> royal family has released the first official photograph of prince william his wife duchess kate and little prince george. it's the first time we have seen prince george with his parents since they left the hospital. remember that shot as they got into the car and drove off. william says his newborn son is a little bit of a rascal. aren't they all. >> well from babies to pick upies first family new dog tonight. michelle posted photo of sunny on twitter account. female portuguese water dog will join obama 4-year-old dog beau. sunny described as full of energy and very affectionat affectionate. actually got to meet beau few most back when i went to the white house to enter vawt president one-on-on one-on-one. now matched set. >> well bird dog usually refers to the a dog that hunts for rae traevs bird not this time. check out latest video clip with a lot of attention on live leak. dog hanging out with bird. playing like they are old friends look at them. mess
9:51 pm
with each other. basically having a good time. you could say the bird only leaves the dog feeling a bit hen picked. pretty cute. not bad. all right larry is off. and now we have sports. >> fwham do you have? >> i don't know if i can follow that up. a lot of dog. cute. if i had kid video. i don't think i do. emotional tonight at at&t park. a need a win to keep pace with texas coliseum and 49ers trade one receiver and 49ers trade one receiver for
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>> coming up at 11. lightning over the bay area. 7 news meteorologist sandy will have a look at volatile weather system lighting up the night sky. strike certainly worrying fir fivrnlts red flag warning is in effect. 7 news rides along with firefighters as they warn homeowner of the danger those stories more coming up 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7.
9:55 pm
but collin is here. we have the a's. giants. and lightning all in town. >> what more can you want? >> exactly. a and rangers they began the day tied in the loss column. oakland keep it that wait a minute game one of 3 game set with seattle. so this is where larry is hanging out tonight. >> he looks good. >> didn't tell me he was going. i found him. camera found hill. parker sex and o in the las 14 starts. another gem tonight. only run allowed. drives in franklin for double to right with seventh. tied the game at 1. same score in the eighth. parker out of a jam. nobody out strike out and another strike outen the threa threat. parker goes "newsnight". struck out 8. that included justin smoke to end the top of the 9th. bottom half after i just yelled at him through the the. v to hit a walk off. must have been lost in translation. the heard me. cap off a win. 19 of the year
9:56 pm
oakland stays within an half game of texas in the west. >> that's because in arlington battle of texas wasn't much of 1 between the rangers and as trs. texas 11 rns in the third engine. mitch double to center. that scores a pair. rappingers blow out the astros 16-5 and still half game lead on oakland in the al west. giants red sox at&t park. boston marathon bombing survivors. woodside and martinez. tonight first pitch. tim issues in the 2nd inning. loses the footing. we have seen that from timy so many times. that's a balk. in comes and in the fifth. steven drew hammer the pitch to rate center. off the bottom of the wall. the score 4 nothing tim 5 allow 5 earned run. second state game the giants allow a run on wild pitch. if
9:57 pm
responsible for that one. else bury scores. 5 nothing sox. john lester 8 scoreless for boston. top 9 right now still 5 nothing. boston. davis has been aj jenkins corner all along but admitted today this could be a wake up call for hip. theners parting way with 2012 fears round pick traiingd him to scans city. straight up for another wide receiver jonathan bald within. jenkins had the skeptic san francisco took him. 30th pick last year. he never caught a regular season pass for the niners. zero. this play against denver 11 day ago summed it up nice play. then he fumble. consistent interestly catching a football constant wrap on jenkins now easterncly same can be said for the guy the niners get from cans city. like him dropped ball an issue. change of scenery may the best they think for both men. >> fresh start for both young men and l hopefully will be a
9:58 pm
positive for both of them and for the 2 teams. no reason that that both these guys can't end up having a great career. >> well the raiders they haven't given up on ford just yet. on the practice field today first time since august 7. he has had a hamstringger since 2010. numerous injury issues. played 8 games in 201 2011. sat out 2012 with foo footger. hopes to play friday in the pre-season game against the bears. >> transfer my weight on my foot. so i had to feel comfortable with that. catching the bull and get back into the groove of things. get my feet back under me as much as possible. everything else is second nature to me. >> pre-season monday tonight football no robert griffin the third didn't play tonight against pittsburgh. ben did. that excuse me duck to ryan.
9:59 pm
22 yards and the awkward dunk. grossman to leonard. one handed grab. washington beats pittsburgh 24-13. i have been in a helicopter once. i liked the fact that i was inside of it and not dang listening out of it. world champion cliff diver orlando duke thinks differently than do i. launc launches himself out of a red bull helicopter. 75 feet into the hudson river. cliff diving world series. >> he's crazy. >> yes but he's good. >> that is this edition of 7 news. on coffee tv 20 for all of us here. spencer as well we appreciate your time. see you again at 11:00 o'clock over on again at 11:00 o'clock over on channel 7. goodbye.
10:00 pm
charlie: ay-oh! ( door slams ) mac: what is up, bitches? sweet dee: well, i'm trying to revamp my myspace page. this guy's been trying to contact me for, like, two weeks now, and i've just been blowing him off, but he's saying that he's our dad. awesome. crazy person. let me see.


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